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Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata That Drive Business Growth

As a digital marketing company in Kolkata, we at RT Network Solutions deliver 360-degree digital marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Website Design and Development and Custom software development for transformational growth of our clients.

Engage Your Target Customers with Digital Marketing at the Right Time on the Right Platform

digital marketing services in kolkata

In this era of technology and the Internet combined with the power of social media, people all over the world can stay updated and access almost everything. Business owners from different industries want to leverage this opportunity to reach their target audience on the online platform to spread their marketing collaterals and promotions for brand awareness and revenue growth. With years of experience in SEO- Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Design and Development and Digital Ads, RT Network Solutions is the preferred digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

At RT Network Solutions, we have years of experience handling the fast-changing digital landscape delivering the best digital marketing services in Kolkata, establishing ourselves as one of Kolkata's leading digital marketing companies. Over the years, with a dynamic team comprising certified digital marketing professionals and experienced marketers, we have a history of handing over successful business results to our clients, handling all aspects of Digital Marketing.

We are also one of the preferred digital marketing service providers for startups in Kolkata using our effective digital marketing campaigns. We also have clients from education, healthcare, IT services, News & Media, hospitality management, and many more sectors. We have consistently partnered with our business clients to deliver successful digital outcomes. We create engaging digital marketing strategies that increase brand awareness, brand visibility and brand presence in front of the right target audience to generate high growth in revenue for our clients.

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Why Should You Choose RTNS’s As Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata for your website?

RT Network Solutions is a 360- degree digital marketing agency in Kolkata providing quality services dedicated to driving sustainable revenue growth for our clients in various industries. With years of experience, we choose the best digital marketing strategies for the client's needs and objectives using different tools at our disposal to strengthen the campaign performance and produce growth in the client's revenue. We consider creating a unique solution for each business process and presenting the brand in front of the target audience. The brand's outward expression reflects a lot about the brand personality. We have a long history of delivering result-oriented digital marketing services for high volume major projects successfully; some of them are:

  • We have helped our event management client to reach 50 million views for their event.
  • We have helped our media & entertainment client to reach over 10 million views on their YouTube channel per month.
  • We have helped to generate an estimated revenue of more than $50,000.
  • We have helped to reach a total impression of 27 billion on YouTube for our Sports client.
  • We have successfully increased our education clients course sales by 250%
  • We have successfully increased online enquiry for our travel industry clients.

We have created quite an impact on the digital house with our intuitive, ingenious, and contemporary approach to giving the simplest digital promoting solutions to our clients. We've got intrinsic information concerning however the climate of the net world shifts regularly. We tend to specialize in offering the best digital marketing services in Kolkata India, which might assist you to adapt to those shifts and let your business continue its upward mechanical phenomenon in generating online buzz.

digital marketing company in kolkata

We Offer Highly Demanded Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata:

Our resourceful list of digital marketing services include:

Search Engine Optimization services in kolkata
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is transforming businesses, and Google is continuously determining ways to help users find what they need. SEO service is a salie/nt process, as it requires in-depth knowledge and effort to drive a business' growth. Our SEO services can help your business rank on the top of our search results through organic traffic. The secret behind this success is Quality over Quantity. We are the best SEO company in Kolkata, providing the highest ROI for your business.

Free SEO Audit report in kolkata
Free SEO Audit

Don't you want to know if your Search Engine Optimization is increasing your traffic? SEO Audit is the Answer. It helps you identify the potential hindrance to your SEO performance on the website and gives you valuable insights about your current position in the marketplace regarding your competitors. SEO Audit helps you to build a solid base for your other SEO campaigns and other marketing efforts. We inspect various issues which might affect your organic search performance.

Local & National SEO services in kolakta
Local & National SEO

Google has stated that a minimum of 20 % of searches is related to a Location. Any business in the online space is exposed to aggressive competition for a better position on the Search Engine results, be it at the Local or National Level. It is essential to build a strategy to make your business more visible to your customers locally and nationwide, searching for the service or products you offer.

International SEO services in kolkata
International SEO

If your website suddenly loses organic traffic or search rankings, it could be due to a new Google algorithm update. This also means that Google is penalizing you for certain unfriendly practices. Over 90% of penalties are the result of poor backlinking to your website. With its Google penalty recovery services, RTNS ensures that all necessary actions, such as removing bad backlinks or removing duplicate content, are completed seamlessly to assist you in combating the penalties.

E-Commerce SEO services in kolkata
E-Commerce SEO

Around 44 % of people start the online shopping process with a Google Search. With proper e-commerce SEO implementation, you can increase your website's visibility to your customers by coming up in the top positions of Search Engine Results. This is no any more optional if you want to increase your revenue. We blend inbound marketing with our extensive technical SEO knowledge to provide SEO services to e-commerce websites.

Social Media Optimization services in kolkata
Social Media Optimization

1 User out of 4 pay attention to advertisements shared by social connection. Consider the impact that can be created by proper optimization of Social Media Handles. A place where people come together to share views, interact and connect, imagine leveraging social media to promote your brand. With us, you can gear up to start, sustain and increase your relationship with the customers. We believe in building relationships.

Google Pay Per Click services in kolkata
Google Pay Per Click

Advertisement always plays a crucial role in every business; in this digital and Internet era, the Google Pay Per Click has been a boon to businesses and startups. It helps you gather more traffic, leads and eventually more sales as these ads appear on the first row of the search engine results page. All of these are at a lower cost per Acquisition as you pay only when a person clicks on the ad.

Social Media Marketing services in kolkata
Social Media Marketing

Marketing your brand using various Social Media Websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., is Social Media Marketing. Not only just promoting your brand, but you can also interact effectively with your customers, and happy customers will become your brand ambassadors promoting by word of mouth. Proper Social Media Marketing will help you reach your targeted audience to build your brand and create visibility.

Content Marketing services in kolkata
Content Marketing

"Content is king", and content is considered as an essential business too. Content has the potential to engage users and influence their behaviour. Content Marketing has become a vital fragment of any digital marketing strategy. Content marketing has always generated readers' interest and helped businesses to grow into brands. We focus on driving your brand awareness and website traffic through our custom Content Marketing services which comply with search engine optimization standards.

YouTube video Marketing services in kolkata
YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is one of the most outstanding instruments to promote your business. People of all ages love to see videos on this online platform, and it is home to various viral videos. YouTube has the potential to spread your video all over the world and boost views in billions. Is creating content good enough? It should also reach maximum people, for which you need a digital marketing partner to help you rank on the top of YouTube search results.

App Store Optimization services in kolkata
App Store Optimization

An excellent mobile application is not enough. App store optimization is becoming significantly crucial as more and more businesses are launching their personalized mobile applications. The higher the ranking of your application in the app store, the more chances of getting downloaded and more increased traffic. Make it easier for your customers to find your mobile app on the major app stores.

Conversion Rate Optimization services in kolkata
Conversion Rate Optimization

All of the traffic to your website means nothing if you are not converting them into your paying customers, sales or clients. It is a systematic process of testing various elements of your website and optimizing them, including putting a Call to Action Button, engaging content, and an attractive and responsive website design to improve the percentage of visitors to your website to complete the desired goal.

Online Reputation Management services in kolkata
Online Reputation Management

According to a Zignal Labs report, a brand's online reputation accounts for at least half of its market value. Online space is well known for creating and destroying the brand image. With the phenomenal reach of Social Media and online communities, your brand can be under the limelight at any moment. With Online Reputation Management, you protect your brand by adding sincerity in brand communication and also repairing the negative reviews on Google Search results.

High-Quality Link Building services in kolkata
High-Quality Link Building

Improve your digital presence by taking off-page search engine optimization to the next level. Google search results ranking are dependent on the content and links too. If you think you are lagging behind your competitor, you may need to look at the aspect of high-quality link building. Websites with high-quality backlinks referred from relevant domains secure a higher ranking on the Search Engine result page.

Hire Dedicated SEO Expert in kolkata
Hire Dedicated SEO Expert

Everyone wants their website to be on the first page of Search Engine results. We understand your concerns. To resolve this, we put forward our SEO experts who are highly skilled with extensive knowledge about various industries and devote themselves to work exclusively for you. All your hassles regarding SEO are taken care of, ensuring more visibility and higher rankings. We use the best tools and technology to meet the requirements and provide the best ROI.

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Digital Marketing Services FAQs

To assist you in making the most informed decision, here are the most frequently asked questions from clients. Any other questions? Scroll down through the page, complete the form and submit them.

Ans: Digital Marketing or Online Marketing assists your brand's promotion to connect with your potential customers using various digital and Internet mediums like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, and more. It is also used to acquire new customers and spread brand awareness.

Ans: Digital Marketing Company can help you get the best ROI from your marketing campaigns without you bothering about wasting money on an in-house team and the technicalities. To grow your business in the digital space with the aim of more leads, sales and build awareness, you will need regular actions which are monotonous. A Digital Marketing company solves all your daily hassles letting you focus more on your business.

Ans: Without spending a lot on your marketing campaigns, a Digital Marketing Company can help you get better quality traffic to your website to generate revenue with services like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website design and development, Quality Link Building, Content marketing and many more.

Ans: The main focus of a Digital Marketing company is to reach your brand to the target customers most efficiently and cost-effectively. Digital Marketing will bridge the gap between your brand and the customers. Proper maintenance and optimization will create a reputation for your brand on the Online Space, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Ans: Digital Space is full of competition, as everyone is aiming for the best. Promoting your brand in a cut-throat competitive place is very difficult. Digital Marketing companies have skills and experience in such technicalities. You can manage your budget more effectively if you hire a digital marketing company and track consumer insights for various marketing campaigns and change your campaigns from time to time for the best ROI.

Ans: We aim to deliver exceptional growth to our clients through excellent Digital Marketing Services. We are incredibly proud of our skilled and experienced professionals who are well versed in all aspects of digital marketing. Our digital marketing services are marvellous and backed by professional ethics.

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