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Local SEO Tools – 13 Best Local SEO Tools to Ace Your Local Search

Local SEO Tools are used to make a marketer’s job easier by providing data and notifying about the complete welfare and success of the website. These tools are extremely useful as it helps to discover opportunities and identify problems that are stopping websites from ranking and earning visibility in the SERPs. These tools also help with improving online presence and engaging with the audience.

There are numerous Local SEO Tools that can be used by a Local SEO Agency in Kolkata but let’s talk about the best in the game. We have chosen thirteen Best Local SEO Tools that are used by a well-known Local SEO Company in Kolkata like us (RTNS).

These tools will definitely help you ace your Local Search and get you results smoothly and organically.

  • Growthbar – It helps in tracking the position of top keywords of a website, and also used for competitor analysis and local keyword research.
  • Georanker– This tool is cost friendly and has an exceptional feature that tracks the ranking of website by numerous locations around the world.
  • Synup– This Tool tracks your business performance on various search engines, review sites and local directories. It also notifies when people leave comments, syncs your location data across different sites.
  • BiQ– It offers real-time ranking for a huge number of keywords and also supports multiple languages.
  • Google Analytics– Analytics shows the number of visitors you get daily to your website. It also shows the third party websites that send you traffic.
  • 51Blocks– This toolkit does multiple Local SEO factor checks at the same time. It also automatically checks on factors that affects your website performance in search engines.
  • GetListed.org– This tool does a scan of your website on the top 12 directories. It also tell you where your site is listed and also informs you if it is listed correctly or not.
  • Raven Tools– This tool is useful for creating schema it generates them without the trouble of going through all the documentation.
  • Google Trends– This is mostly used to compare popularity of keywords and track increased keyword search volume triggered because of an event.
  • UberSuggest– This free SEO tool provides you with data of keyword ideas, keyword volume, and backlinks requirements for the keyword and competitor analysis.
  • BuzzStream– It is a tool for earning local backlinks and build associations with local influencers who can help you boost local awareness.
  • Ahrefs– It can help with your local SEO strategy by providing you with a detailed backlink profile for any website you want.
  • PageSpeed Insights– This local SEO tool reviews the load time of your site and pages and makes suggestions to improve it.

These tools mentioned above are few of the best tools that are used by Local SEO Services in Kolkata. These tools do come in handy but it also depends on how you make it work for your business. SEO does take time as everything is organic so you need to have patience to see results. These tools will surely give you the boost for your Local SEO.

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