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Leading Content Marketing Company in Kolkata

The future of marketing is creating and developing content that is genuinely valuable for prospects. Content marketing has been growing popular since the born of e-commerce in the late 90s and still today. Business owners are more targeting the digital space for capturing leads and that too by content. We at RT Network Solutions are proud of our talented writers and expert editors. They have a unique way of portraying your business to your customers in a more engaging way to gather more leads, helping us be the best content marketing service provider in Kolkata. From content creation to strategic development, we do it all.

Need Content Marketing Services in Kolkata?

Content marketing is about a progressive and dynamic vision as we move more into the digital world. Every decision is based on information that is very much valued on the Internet. Traditional marketing and advertising campaign do not build the results which they once did. Customers are more aware of their choices based on the information available at their fingertips. Have a look at these statistics:

  • Small businesses that own blogs get more than 126% lead growth than businesses without.
  • Customers feel 82% more optimistic about a brand after reading their content on the website.
  • Content marketing brings about more than three times as many leads as outbound marketing and cost 62% less.

Creating good content will serve your customers' needs and solve their problems a long way to assemble their attention to drive sales. Any business can use a content marketing strategy to reach out to its customers to grab their attention.



Blog Posts Creation

As an actual top-of-sales funnel content, blog posts boost brand awareness and drive the website traffic with appropriate content that emphasizes virtual storytelling and loyalty. We can help your business by planning an overall content strategy that will connect your customers with your brand and create unique content for your brand, which are both humans and search engine friendly.


Infographics Design

Infographics are an essential part of storytelling; it helps you make complex ideas simple and attractive. We create compelling and brand-centric illustrations to make the content visually appealing and easy to understand. Our infographics come in different sizes and are effective when put in blog posts at their full size.


SEO Content Writing

As one of the best SEO agencies in Kolkata, we know how to create content that is both user and search engine friendly. We can provide you with a detailed website copy that incorporates the best SEO practices and unique content for different services and products that are readable and drive conversion.


Press Releases

We are one of the best content marketing agencies that create a press release for digital PR. It is designed to engage with maximum readers and influence them to promote the brand.



Once the content is written and optimised for search, it's published. Once that happens, our content marketing agency will use various marketing techniques to promote your owned media content across the web. Through a combination of paid and organic distribution methods, we will make sure that your content gets the valuable backlinks that will help drive traffic to your website and increase your leads. Through content promotion on various sites and social media platforms, your brand becomes visible online.



So, is content marketing working for your business? How much traffic is coming from which channel? How many leads are you generating because of content marketing? All of these are tracked by our team through analytics. We use several tools to understand and analyse the data to make more informed decisions. As part of our market-leading content marketing services, this data is shared through custom reports that allow you to understand your return on investment.

Our Content Marketing Services List Includes

Blog Posts Creation

Blog Posts Creation

A blog can be one of the most important tools to educate and inform your audience and cultivate loyalty. We can help with research and development, planning an overall content strategy, and populating your content calendar with fresh and unique content, designed for both humans and search engines.

Infographics Design

Infographics Design

Infographics are becoming an important part of storytelling - helping you to make complex concepts simpler and garner eyeballs. We can help you create effective infographics and illustrations that can be embedded on blogs and websites and drive action.

SEO Content Writing services in kolkata

SEO Content Writing

As India's leading SEO agency, we know how to produce website content aimed at humans and search engines alike. Website Content Writing. We can work with you to create product descriptions, value propositions, landing page copy, and other website copy - all designed to maximise readability and conversion.

Press Releases Writing services in kolkata

Press Releases

We also create press releases for digital PR, which is compelling for readers and designed for maximum reach and promotion.

Why Choose RTNS As Content Marketing Agency?

RTNS is a renowned digital marketing agency that brings high-quality services to your doorstep. We create powerful strategies that align with your target audience and business objectives to obtain effective results.


We provide a complete content marketing solution, from copywriting for your website and social media handle to editing, management, and distribution.


As a pioneer in this field, we stick to a proven campaign that has proven successful and has delivered growth to many of our clients.


We believe in providing customized solutions that are specially made for our unique client's business requirements.


We are incredibly proud of our team comprising expert copywriters, editors, and marketers who follow best practices to deliver excellence.


We only focus on delivering high-quality content which is easily readable, and our service is the most affordable and accessible in Kolkata.

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The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar.



The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar.



The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar.

Content Marketing Services FAQ's

Ans: Content marketing is nothing but putting the best face of your company out there in the digital world, allowing prospective customers to understand who you are so that they want to do business with you. A good content marketer puts together stories about what makes your business special and unique, and how you add value to customer’s lives. And then makes sure those stories are seen by your target audience.

Ans: Today’s consumers aren’t very amenable to in-your-face ads and pushy sales techniques. They have become more discerning and reluctant to trust a brand from Day 1. That’s why companies need to use content marketing to position themselves as credible and trustworthy. But this isn’t just our intuition, the numbers back it up too. Content marketing actually generates 3 times more leads than outbound marketing and at 63% lesser cost.

Ans: To put it very broadly, any valuable information, conveyed by any medium, can be considered as content. When it comes to content marketing, the word content has a variety of meanings — from infographics to videos to blogs and even your website copy. Here’s a list of just some of the content we provide:
  • Articles and listicles
  • Blogs and websites
  • SEO content
  • Content marketing
  • Website content
  • Ebooks and white papers
  • Social media content
  • Marketing content
  • Product descriptions
  • Infographics
  • Videos

Ans: Content marketing works on two levels. On the one hand, credible content that adds value to users helps to distinguish your brand as reliable and trustworthy. As prospective customers consume content created by you (whether on your own channels or on other channels), they begin to think of your brand highly. This means that they are likely to choose you when they have to make a purchase decision.

At the same time, when you put SEO-friendly content out there on a regular basis, search engines like Google and Bing start ranking your content higher on the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). This means when a prospective customer has a related query, your content is likely to come up in the search results, directing the prospect towards your brand and website..

Ans: A major mistake many companies tend to make with content marketing is that they start executing first. A few blog posts here, an odd case study or two there — and then get frustrated when they don’t see results. The first step in effective content marketing is to understand your prospective customers and then build a comprehensive content marketing strategy around them.

Ans: Keywords are what Google and other search engines use to rank content on the Search Engine Results Page. That’s why analyzing which keywords you want to optimize for and then using those keywords while creating content are a must. At the same time, these keywords need to become a part of the content organically. Forcing keywords into the content creates a bad impression for prospective customers and is also penalized by Google when deciding search engine rankings.

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