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Free SEO Audit Report in Kolkata

Discover the Issues With Your Website

We have many years of experience in handling all aspects of digital marketing services in Kolkata. Our skilled and experienced SEO experts will analyze and identify all the search engine optimization issues your website faces on mobile and desktops. SEO Auditing is a challenging task as it requires very close analysis of many data points and cross-referencing them to find the errors and issues within the website. You do not have to worry about it as long as our best SEO experts in Kolkatahandle that for you. We will quickly examine your website and deliver a free PDF report with the current Google Search Engine result pages and other vital information.

What Does an Online Website SEO Analysis Report Includes?

Web page analysis

Website loading speed

Landing page size

Link structure

Image errors

Keywords associated with a website

Content reporting

Copy Analysis

Social media presence

Mobile website analysis

Page links

Root domain links

Visibility among search engines

Design and functionality of the website


Website traffic

Targets to increase traffic to your business

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Why Every Business Needs an SEO Audit for their Website

Whenever anyone searches for a product or service on any search engine, that search engine looks for different ranking signals to determine if the website is eligible to rank for the query. So reviewing your search engine optimization activity periodically will let you know if the website is optimized for different search engines and the issues that are pulling down your ranking on the results pages.

Most businesses from varied industries have a website, but the problem lies in the fact that most owners are unaware of how the search engine works. We always recommend getting a thorough SEO audit done, as it is an essential task that every business owning a website should get done. It gives you a detailed breakdown of the website. Get your website audited by us, the best SEO audit company in Kolkata, to check if your website is running at its full potential to rank top in the google search engine result pages and increase your brand visibility and revenue. SEO audit helps you identify the minor and significant issues of your website and the reason behind your current ranking.

SEO auditing can be described as a process of uncovering the prevalent issues that are restricting your business to expand in the online space by pulling you down your ranking. RT Network Solutions is considered the best digital marketing company in Kolkata for a reason; we provide you with a free SEO audit that extensively covers a few critical areas like domain issues, web server configuration, website architecture, content optimization, user interface and experience and inbound and outbound link analysis and much more. To be one step ahead of your competitors, you will need to fix and implement specific campaigns which will be the best solution for your SEO issues. It will provide you with a better position on your search page results and drive quality traffic to your website.

It does not matter how great your content is; if your ranking is lower than your competitors, it is not optimized; many such factors hold your business website back. Many businesses are underperforming because their websites cannot reach the maximum target audience to generate new leads. Do not make mistakes like those companies; get your website auditing done for free by the best SEO Audit company in Kolkata. We have a variety of tools at our disposal to deliver you a detailed analysis of your websites and their performance, giving you a clear indication of your website's ranking.

Getting an online SEO audit will help you reduce all the existing issues in your website, Google uses crawlers to search through the websites and if it feels it is not up to the quality, it ranks you lower. This is when a digital marketing company like us come to help. Our professional SEO experts in Kolkata will help you identify the issues to know where to focus. Leave the work to us if you want your website to be Search Engine Optimized; we will handle all the technicalities that will boost your page's ranking organically. We will also be happy to build you a website with attractive designs and faster loading pages to enhance the customer interface and experience. We know that everyone is not technically inclined, and SEO can be a complex topic to grasp; we will be happy to answer your queries from the SEO audit report and discuss further ways to solve the issues. The best part is our SEO service is free. If you want us to solve your problems on the website, we can take that burden from you and inspect the faulty page validating the site's code and revamping your website, boosting its power.

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The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar…



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Get a free website SEO audit report by us, tell us few details about your business. You will be surprised to see the results. Once fixed, it will drive in revenues for you.