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What is International SEO?

Do you want to take your business on a global scale? Do you want your brand to be recognized internationally? There are many obstacles for a brand trying to enter into an international online marketplace. You might be doing well here, but it might not be the same internationally. With International SEO, we take care of that problem. International SEO is a process of optimizing your website so that your website's rank is improved organically on search engine results pages in more than one country or language. It does not limit technical SEO changes, indicating country preference, language, multilingual link building, and content localization.

It will help to display your brand in local listing in the global market and gather quality leads, increase conversion rates and make a worldwide presence and achieve your long-term goals.

Why RT Network Solutions Kolkata

Why RT Network Solutions Kolkata

Are you looking to venture into the international market and establish your business as a successful brand? At RT Network Solutions, we have the experience and strong understanding of connecting with the target audience at the international level. We have technical SEO knowledge to attract desired customers to your website; we dedicatedly work on website structure, technical configuration, quality content and promotions and further optimizations.

We are incredibly proud of our skilled SEO experts at RT Network Solutions, who are determined and work for excellence. We look for opportunities and develop strategies to get the best results for rapid growth. Our SEO experts understand the international market, culture, customer behaviour, and how to engage them to push your brand. As an International SEO agency in Kolkata, we know how to promote brands in different countries and develop cost-effective ways to give you the best result.

What are the key questions to consider
when crafting an International SEO Company?



Does your website change into various languages as per location?

How will you avoid duplicate content on your website?

Can your website handle transactions in foreign currencies?



Is your business visible on Google Local Listing of business?

Is your website attracting local customers?

Are the customers satisfied with your websites User Interface and User Experience?



How is your local audience different from global?

What are the most common and uncommon behaviours?

Is the approach to gathering more leads the same for the local and international audience?



Will the local keywords work for international audiences?

What keywords will help to give a better reach?

What are the keywords that are maximum searched by the customers based on different locations?



Are your visitors happy with the customer relationship?

Are their queries being solved, and are they returning happy?

Do they recommend your website to others?



Are you keeping track of your analytics report?

Are your campaigns working well as they should?

Is your audience engagement more than it used to be?

international seo agency in kolkata


Our Search Engine Optimization experts have years of experience in both national and International Clients. We have worked for various businesses, opened a gateway to the international market. We work dedicatedly intending to deliver the best to our clients, keeping them updated the whole time. Moreover, we oversee various details to build the best international user-friendly website, like a friendly user interface, high-quality content and optimized user experience to stand out as a reputed brand in such a pivotal stage of your business' growth.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to take your brand to the international market; connect with us. With our experience and in-depth knowledge about international SEO, you can rely on us to scale your business in the global market. Let us assist you in making your brand internationally known and unleash the power of International SEO to get more traffic and conversions to improve your website's performance strategically.

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The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar…



The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar…



The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar…

FAQ's on International SEO Services

Ans: The key factors in determining International Search Engine Optimization is the target country, its audience, what type of content they consume, removing duplicate content, and optimizing the website and developing strategies accordingly so that the customers who visit the website are always engaged and amused by the user interface become more aware of the brand and its values.

Ans: By implementing International SEO, you improve your website's visibility and spread brand awareness; this means your website can now be seen by people from other countries and look for the products and services you offer. Also, multiple local domains are expensive, and it is cost-effective to reach international audiences with international SEO.

Ans: The strategies for Local and International SEO are a bit different. For International SEO, we need proper international keyword research, redesign website structure according to International SEO, Optimized content, GEO targeting, international link building and more. Connect with our SEO experts to know more; we will be glad to hear from you and assist you.

Ans: It requires a lot of dedication and skills to target international customers. Our SEO experts have skills and techniques for the same; we would recommend you expand your business by targeting the countries where the culture, language and values are similar to yours, then slowly and steadily spreading to father regions. It ensures solid and steady growth.

Ans: To acquire traffic from other countries is challenging if you do not have a physical location there. But we can take that burden from you and ensure quality traffic to your website. Our skilled SEO experts are experienced to optimize your website and develop campaigns to obtain more traffic.

Ans: Hreflang tags refer to the SEO technique, which instructs Google which language you are targeting for a specific page, allowing Google to present the website to users in the particular language the users are searching for from a location. It also instructs Google not to penalize similar content in different languages and not affect your website's ranking. If Hreflang tags are not set up correctly, it can lead to a severe problem in the SEO of the website and affect your website's ranking by penalizing your website.

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