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Local & National SEO Services in Kolkata

RT Network Solutions provides data-backed strategies that make it the best Local and National SEO service provider in Kolkata. We deliver an increase in organic search visibility to outrank your competitors in the digital space with our highly valued keywords. So during the time you focus on your business, we create digital footprints for more brand awareness.

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Local SEO vs. National SEO Services in Kolkata

Are you looking for affordable and effective SEO services in Kolkata? Then, you are at the right place. In today's competitive marketplace, businesses have found ways to establish their presence in the digital space. Investing in SEO services for greater visibility has been more than necessary for companies; it helps you to attract new customers and spread brand awareness among the masses. Local and National SEO Services are essential as they help you tap the local and national marketplace, gather more potential clients, and target a more significant customer base.

Local SEO vs. National SEO Services in Kolkata

Distinguishing Between Local, Regional, National and International SEO

SEO campaigns at RT Network Solutions cater to your unique business, be it related to any industry. We customize our strategy for your business establishment in such a way that impacts the local and national masses for more brand visibility and awareness.

Here's a glance at what we do at RT Network Solutions to optimize your brand's campaign and improve your website's ranking on search engine results pages.

Local SEO services in kolkata

Local SEO:

  • Google My Business Profile optimization.
  • Citation management.
  • Localized keyword targeting.
  • Google Maps optimization.
Regional SEO services in kolkata

Regional SEO:

  • Region-specific organic content creation.
  • Geo-targeted long-tail keywords.
  • High-value link building.
National SEO services in kolkata

National SEO:

  • Broad, location-agnostic keyword ranking.
  • Featured snippet optimization.
  • Enterprise-level link building.
  • Multi-site, multi-brand management.
  • Advanced audience segmentation and list building.
International SEO services in kolkata

International SEO:

  • Multi-national content creation.
  • Language localization.
  • Multi-domain and multi-site management.
  • Global keyword research.

Every SEO service can be scaled accordingly, and foundational content marketing goals are established at the onset of a RTNS partnership.

How To Rank Locally With Local SEO

According to statistics, more than 43% of the searches are location-based. Around 97% of the customers search for local businesses to find specific products and services before making their minds to purchase. If they don't find you, they will reach out to your competitors, resulting in a significant loss in your potential business. Therefore, online presence is as important as a physical location for brick-and-mortar stores.

Local SEO optimizes your online presence to bring maximum traffic to your website from a specific area or locality. At RT Network Solutions, we carefully design the best online strategy to boost your brand in the online space. While you plan Local SEO campaigns for your potential customers, you need to keep the following in your mind:

How To Rank Localy With Local SEO services in kolkata

Get Ranked High On Maps with Local SEO Services

Get Ranked High On Maps with Local SEO Services

Are you worried that your business website does not appear on the search engine result page? Small and medium-sized businesses encounter a lot of competition from the corporate giants who dominate the marketplace.

Reach out to us for the best Local SEO services in Kolkata; we put special efforts to enhance your website's ranking by improving its visibility so that your brand reaches your target customers.

On-Page National SEO

On-Page National SEO involves all the measures taken within the website to improve its ranking nationally on the search engine results to earn more relevant traffic. It is broadly done by optimizing the content and also HTML source codes making the website more user and search-friendly.

Few elements that RT Network solution uses as the best National SEO company to improve On-Page National SEO includes:

onpage seo services in kolkata

On-page copy, images and videos.

onpage meta tags writing services in kolkata

Meta descriptions and title tags.

image alt text optimization

Image alt text.

heading tags optimization

HTML headings (H1-H6 tags).

seo friendly url structure optimization

URL strings.

internal linking structure optimization

Internal linking structures.

schema markup implementation

Schema markup.

Off-Page optimization for National SEO

Off-Page National SEO

Off-Page National SEO involves all the other measures that don't happen on your website. It's not just link building; it includes various tactics that help you gain a competitive advantage. Off-Page SEO gives you an edge over your competitors by creating brand visibility, awareness and trust. .

Few elements that RT Network solution uses as the best National SEO company to improve Off-Page National SEO includes:

Link building.
Content marketing.
Guest posting.
Social Media Marekting
Local SEO (Google My Business)

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FAQ's on Local & National SEO Services

To help you make the most informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

Ans: The difference between Local SEO and Regular SEO is quite simple. Regular SEO focuses on enhancing your website's visibility on a national or a global scale, whereas Local SEO allows you to fetch more local searches and customers to your website. However, both of them share the same principles to rank higher in SERPs.

For example, suppose you are looking for a car mechanic in Indiranagar. In that case, the local SEO campaigns can fetch the car mechanics around Indiranagar and rank them on search engine result pages. Google analyses the keywords put by the user and ranks your website according to the keywords in your website. This type of strategy is beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises looking for customers around a specific locality, as this is an affordable and suitable result-driven campaign.

Ans: Local business ensures the credibility of your business with all the accurate details listed, like your registered name, contact information, address and website details. It builds trust among your customers who are looking for your product or services.

This also helps your customers reach out to you at once, making them find you easily. Therefore, it would be best always to aim to get these customers by catering to them and earning their trust. It will open ample opportunities to you in the coming times.

Ans: You can take the help of us, the best SEO expert in Kolkata, to effectively strategize your campaign so that your business gets featured and attracts more visibility. You need to monitor your campaign regularly to be seen online. We at RT Network Solutions target the keywords specifically related to your niche and business and attract quality leads interested in your service or products.

For example, suppose you are a restaurant owner only servicing in Jayanagar. In that case, we can identify and implement the keywords around the specific location and the trends to target the biggest possible audience.

Our experienced SEO experts in Kolkata will also optimize your website for the specific location, confirming the content, details, and listings are up to date. If you are still in doubt of Local SEO services, we recommend getting in touch with our SEO specialist in Kolkata.

Ans: National SEO will help you target a much wider audience; it can transform your business and widen the reach of your business across the whole country. It will ensure positive results in your ROI, brand awareness and driving more qualified traffic to your websites, giving you a leading position in front of your competitors.

If you are not sure that the National SEO service is the correct choice, we recommend you to get in touch with our best SEO experts in Kolkata. We will analyze your business and build you a tailored strategy for National SEO services or a hybrid campaign consisting of National and Local SEO.

Ans: Definitely Yes, being a national brand should not stop you from catering to local customers. So, to attract the local target audience, you need to have a Local SEO campaign.

The trust you build at the local level will only help you to maximize your customer base on the national level and further attract more customers. At RT Network Solutions, we also provide Hybrid campaigns that target customers locally and countrywide, eventually improving your website's ranking on search results pages.

Ans: We always recommend having a Google My Business page, with a few exceptions based on different industries.

Even if you do not operate on a specific location, the Google My Business page will ensure trust among your customers with the correct information details listed on it like registered name, website address, contact information which boosts your SEO. It will also allow users to put reviews that will eventually help you increase conversion rates and make a strong foothold in National SEO.

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