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of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase


Indian visitors to Product Review each month


of searchers will avoid businesses with negative reviews

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Our ORM Services in Kolkata

The content on some websites will stop at nothing to protect it. However, our Enterprise Reputation Management Services can still help to mitigate the damage in these situations. We strategically promote positive content, whereas negative content is suppressed.

More than 75% of Google users don't look past the first page of results. Any negative material's impact will be reduced if the first two pages of your search results are positive. Our ORM Services (in Kolkata) allows you to be proactive with your reputation rather than simply reacting when something negative occurs.

Why choose us as Online
Reputation Management Agency in Kolkata

Your online reputation, credibility, brand recognition, customer trust, clicks and sales are all affected by your search engine visibility. RT Network Solutions is one of the most dependable Online Reputation Management Agencies in Kolkata. As a result, your sales and revenue will grow.

Utilizing industry-recognized tools and cutting edge technology, our Online Reputation Management Services (in Kolkata) swiftly locates positive and bad content. Experts in scraping any sort of online data, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals at our disposal.

Reputation Management Agency in Kolkata

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FAQ's on Reputation Management Services

To help you make the most informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.


If your reputation has already been tarnished, you need to work on recovering lost trust and status. A lot depends on the type of injury and the sector you work in, as well as how consumers and rivals respond to it.

No matter what you do, don't expect it to be a quick fix. A broad, good online presence might take six months or more for a firm that has never received any bad publicity but is just unknown. At RTNS, we believe that reputation management should be seen as a continual process that entails making modest modifications to your online presence regularly to guarantee the greatest potential outcome. Prevent the worst from happening by getting in touch with us before it does.


Alertness at all times, when it comes to protecting your reputation from unfavorable publicity, proactive measures are required.

The only way you can safeguard your brand is if you're aware of the risks and take steps to reduce them before they become an issue. Keeping your customers and team happy requires that you pay careful attention to what they're doing and what the market as a whole is up to. THERE IS A REASON WHY THERE IS BAD NEWS. Contact us now to see how we can help you establish an online presence that will last for many, many years!


An organization worth its salt will not guarantee certain answers within a specific timetable. Reputation management does not have a standard solution. However, the success of many approaches is largely reliant on the specific circumstances.

We, at RT Network Solutions believe that there is no "one size fits all." To get the most out of our reputation management services, we recommend that you meet with one of our strategists. Contact us if you're interested in learning how we might help.


Defamation cases are often confused with reputation management. Defamation lawyers are costly, to begin with. You may not be able to defend yourself if the law is on your side. It's their right to submit an honest but unfavorable review if they had a poor experience with your organization. For their part, defamation attorneys can only defend you if the source of damaging material can be established. Attorneys seldom spend billable time checking the internet to make sure that it correctly portrays their experiences.


It is possible that having a bad internet reputation will have a negative impact on your digital marketing strategy As a result, a successful local SEO strategy may suffer. As an example, try contacting people who are seeking for plumbers in Sydney. Meaning even if you do everything correctly when it comes to SEO, your site will still be at the bottom of search results. Customer reviews are used as a second justification. It doesn't mean that all clients will like you just because you're on the front page. As a consequence, you'll have a better probability of getting sales.


To be honest, it's virtually hard to eliminate all hazardous elements.. On most review systems, material may only be removed if it is false, explicit, paid for, or posted by a rival or former employee. Extensive or sensitive information such as medical data, bank account details, credit card numbers and signature images will be removed from existing content only.

It is impossible to delete evaluations from customers who have been truthful about their experiences with your business. A solid first impression is important for any business, and RTNS can help you build a strong online presence that can resist these attacks. Positivity may also help push negative search results to the bottom of the page, protecting your position even more.

Brand-Building Sustainability

Brand-Building Sustainability

Don't just get rid of bad search results. With the best online reputation management services available, you can create a stunning, powerful, and long-lasting online brand. In today's market, having a professional online reputation management company to protect brand building sustainability is critical.