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Google Pay Per Click Services in Kolkata

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Generate Leads Super-Fast with Google Ads in Kolkata

Are you worried about your budget for digital marketing? Or is your budget not making enough results? If "YES", then chances are you are working with the wrong people. Pay Per Click can and should deliver exceptional results and game-changing revenue. PPC is a verified way of increasing clicks, conversions and increase in generated revenue.

Nothing beats a perfect Pay Per Click advertising campaign if you aim for maximum leads and customer acquisition. But Google Adwords (presently called Google Ads) is a technical and complicated platform for most business owners. Therefore, we recommend using a reputed and professional PPC service provider to establish and optimize their campaigns for remarkable performance.

Start your PPC journey with RT Network solutions, the best PPC agency in Kolkata.

Why do you need a
PPC Advertising Agency in Kolkata

Digital marketing is going through a rapid phase where every business is looking for fast and effective ways to put their brand at the forefront of the targeted customers. You can improve your search engine ranking and get rapid growth in revenue with the PPC services from RT Network Solutions, the best PPC service provider in Kolkata.

You can advertise more about your brand in a highly controllable and cost-effective way to earn a position at the top of the Search Engine results pages with PPC campaigns. It also offers a unique way of putting the brand message in front of the customers. Researchers say that customers click more on paid search ads than any other form of advertisement. Also, search engines give more relevance to paid advertisements relevant, giving you a better chance of spreading brand awareness.

We Manage. You Succeed. Sound Good?

RT network Solutions is a dedicated PPC service provider, and we have the experience to handle your campaign on the most complicated platform Google Ads. We develop, implement, and manage PPC campaigns and eliminate expensive keywords which result in poor campaigns to optimize them for better performance and increase leads and sales.


If you are looking for an instant campaign boost and a fast return on investment (ROI), Pay per Click will be a wise and profitable choice. At RT Network Solutions, we are incredibly proud of our skilled and experienced professional PPC experts. They conduct proper research and reports based on which we design each unique PPC campaign to ensure that your website gets adequate traction from the targeted audience. You pay only for the times a customer clicks on the advertisement.

No Lock-In Contracts

No Lock-In Contracts

FULL Transparency on your Adwords Account

FULL Transparency on your Adwords Account

Accurate Conversion Tracking

Accurate Conversion Tracking

Regular Creative Ad Implement & Split Testing

Regular Creative Ad Implement & Split Testing

Water Tight Click Fraud Blocking

Water Tight Click Fraud Blocking

PPC Management Services in Kolkata

Maximise value from your paid search with custom campaigns that leverage the ideal platforms for your business.

Google Search Ad services in kolkata

Google Search Ad

Connect with RT Network Solutions, and let us help you get featured in Googles Ads to get you on the top of the first page of search results.

Google Display Ad services in kolkata

Google Display Ad

Connect with RT Network Solutions and let us help you in featuring your brand across multiple websites with our unique and attractive display Ads.

Google Shopping ad services in kolkata

Google Shopping

Connect with RT Network Solutions and let us help you in displaying your various products on the topmost part of the first search results page of the search results and get incredible growth in the revenue by reaching out to your target customers.

google remarketing ad services in kolkata


Connect with RT Network Solutions and let us provide you with the best remarketing services so that you can spread more brand awareness.


AIA uses strategic and ethical targeted ad campaigns and ad group methodologies based on best practices and years of experience. You can be sure that you are dealing with experts in online advertising and a company that knows how to stretch your budget as far as possible. We also specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and can therefore leverage the integration of your Google marketing with an organic search into our customised solutions and drive traffic to your site.

We specialise in:

  • Keyword and ad text Research & Selection
  • Minimising the Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Maximising the Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Landing Page Conversions
  • Calls To Action
  • Keyword Lists
  • Strategy Development
  • AdWords Conversions
  • Offline Online Conversion


Do you know? That over 97% of the population are turning online to search and find local products and services. In addition, 75 % of people agreed that paid advertisements make it easier for them to see things they are looking for, and 63 % of customers click on the paid ads.

To get a high ROI, you need a PPC service agency in Kolkata, who are experienced and decide strategies based on data from various campaigns and optimize it further for better sales results. So what are you waiting for? Connect with our experienced PPC experts in Kolkata.

Pay Per Click( PPC) agecny in kolkata

Pay Per Click( PPC)

google Banner Advertising services in kolkata

Banner Advertising

Remarketing ad services in kolkata


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The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar…



The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar…



The most cost-efficient way to grow your audience to gain affiliates, ad revenue, brand awareness in a globalized and heavy economy is to be familiar…

FAQ's on Google Pay Per Click Services in Kolkata

Ans: PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is a digital marketing model where the advertiser pays a sum of money each time their digital ads are clicked. It is a process of buying visits to the website instead of earning it organically. PPC Ads can be shown on any search engine results page, web pages, social media pages and apps.

Paid Search ads are now one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. It allows us to bid for ad placement in the search results when customers search for a specific product or enter particular keywords. They look like usual search results, but they are shown at the top of the search engine results pages. Every time the Ad is clicked, which redirects the customer to the website, we have to pay the search engine a small charge. If the PPC campaign is proper, then the fee is insignificant. Suppose you pay Rs. 10 for a click but in turn make a sale of Rs. 1000, then ultimately you have made a massive profit from it.

Ans: PPC is a powerful digital marketing tool, but you need to know its implementation. Many businesses encounter hurdle to grow at a faster speed. SEO is the best way to gather more leads, but it is a slower process. The quicker alternative is PPC- Pay Per Click PPC Advertising.

Pay Per Click or PPC is the fast way of bringing new leads and generate sales when you need them; you can easily pause this campaign or turn it off. It can get unnecessary expensive if you try to do it yourself without prior knowledge.

Nothing brings results as fast as PPC advertising. If you need an immediate boost in visitors to your website and generate revenue, PPC is the best option. It can be used to target a very specific audience for better results. Also, in festive seasons, if your competitor uses PPC to target customers and you are not, you will lose a significantportion of revenue. Any form of business can benefit from PPC, be it High ticket Products or Services, Niche Products or and Lifetime Value Services.

Ans: CTR or Click-through rate measure the number of clicks received on the ads per number of Impressions. CTR is essential as it maintains High-Quality Scores and also ad positions for lower costs. Different industry has specific benchmarks, but across sectors, the average CTR on Google Ads paid search ads is around 2%, anything above 2% is regarded as a good CTR.

Ans: There are numerous reasons behind our success as the best PPC Management Agency in Kolkata. To name a few, We are the most experienced result-driven PPC Management company in Kolkata, which deliver all the services to maintain transparency.

We provide the most effective and affordable PPC Management Services in Kolkata. We develop hyper-targeted campaigns that will win quality traffic by targeting a particular audience. Our experienced experts constantly monitor the campaigns tweaking them to find the best results at a lesser cost. We keep our clients updated every step as we believe in maintaining complete transparency with no secret tactics.

We are incredibly proud of our PPC Experts who deliver results and boost our client's revenue growth. We study and do proper research about your business and design our campaigns accordingly for the best results.

Ans: Honestly, there's no easy answer to this question. It's variable for different business as it is an auction system that rewards businesses with high-quality ads. Generally, the better your campaign Ads, the lower your cost per click or CPC will be.

PPC has a wide range that can shoot up to $50 for highly competitive keywords used in businesses that have high customer lifetime values. It's all about keeping a balance between your budget and return on investment.

If you are using PPC, do not be scared of your budget, there are many affordable ways to continue your PPC campaign without many expenses.

Ans: Are you not satisfied with your PPC Management Agency and want to swap and upgrade? You have come to the right place. We are the most preferred PPC Management Agency in Kolkata. Don't worry about your existing campaigns. We rarely need to start everything from the beginning. We will begin with an Audit of your website to check its current position and the performance of the existing campaigns.

We can use the pre-existing account data to find the reasons behind the failure and eliminate those reasons to improve and optimize your campaign. Optimized campaigns always fetch better results from PPC.

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