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Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Kolkata

Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Kolkata

RT Network Solution is the best Social Media marketing agency in Kolkata. It authorizes us to develop results-driven campaigns across all the social media platforms to give you the best ROI. As the most preferred social media marketing company, we have always dedicated ourselves to giving our best to our clients so that they stand at the forefront of social media platforms. We keep up a professional relationship with our clients with transparency to keep them updated with our latest campaigns. We have successfully managed social media marketing for various businesses, reputed brands, SMEs and Startups and have built our way to becoming the most preferred Social Media Marketing Agency in Kolkata.

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Experienced Marketers

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Our Social Media
Marketing Process
1. Market Research

Our experienced marketers at RT Network Solutions are well aware that proper research is needed before starting any campaign. Therefore, we intensely study your business, values, and products/services and competitors to develop campaigns, to ensure better positions than your competitors.

2. Quick Wins

RT Network Solutions take pride in its dedicated social media marketing experts who strive for extraordinary results. We give the best ROI to our clients and deliver them marvellous results quickly.

3. Scale Your Business

Our core strength is our experience in Social Media Marketing; we develop and implement customized campaigns for your business that align with your brand values and goals. And we keep on optimizing and developing it to ensure your business' growth.


Using A Social Media
Marketing Company in Kolkata

Social media is swiftly becoming one of the crucial aspects of digital marketing. It provides many benefits and reaches to connect with millions of customers worldwide. According to HubSpot, 92% of marketers trust that social media boosts brand awareness, visibility and sales if done by a professional social media marketing company in Kolkata.


Social Media Marketing is a remarkable way to be noticed by your customers and become catchy. Potential customers on Social Media platforms are media-savvy and are always looking for new brands with engaging content. Being engaging and visible will help you build the bridge between your brand and your target customers.


If you have a social media presence, it makes your potential customers find a way to connect with you. The customers find such channels where they can directly communicate with your business. By connecting with them, you are more likely to retain and improve your customer loyalty. Since this is the foundation of gathering quality leads and achieving other business goals, maintaining a healthy relationship with customers is a must.


A well thought social media marketing campaign will offer you numerous advantages and put you at the forefront of the online world. With the help of engaging content, improved brand loyalty and healthy customer satisfaction through our posts, we will ensure that you are way ahead of your competitors.


Attracting quality leads with social media marketing will ensure a boost in your sales. By constantly keeping an eye on your campaign results, we can tweak it according to your needs and optimize it to gather better quality leads redirected to your website, making conversion easy for you and generating revenue for your business.

Facebook Ad

Facebook ads are robust and allow you to reach millions of customers for a very reasonable price. In addition, we can further customize your ads for specific demography, age and more and harness the power of Facebook Ads, and help you grow your business.

Instagram Ad

On Instagram, more than 40 billion photos are shared. Because this platform is easy to use, many people use it daily. You can quickly get an engagement ratio of about 4.2% on Instagram, more than any other platform. You can leverage this power of Instagram with our Instagram advertisement campaigns and help you reach your brand to the world.

Twitter Ad

Twitter remains the most influential social media platform as it has millions of daily users who are earning/making a reasonable sum of money. It can be the right place for you to promote your niche products/services and gather quality leads with the help of our Twitter Advertisement campaigns

Linkedin Ad

LinkedIn shines as a B2B and B2C networking tool; we can help you connect with high-quality prospects with our engaging and attractive content. Here brands are looking for their own specific goals and if you are looking for such opportunities, connect with us.

We help Businesses like
yours get the most out of Social Media!

Social Media Management

RT Network Solutions will help you leverage the power of organic and paid Social Media strategies and manage your social media accounts. We can ensure that our engaging and high-quality social media posts will gather more leads for you and maintain a healthy relationship with your customers and prospects.

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Target Right Audience

We have experience in the field of Social Media marketing and ensure that the content reaches the target customers. In addition, we constantly research and share ideas to deliver engaging content to leverage the maximum from these social media platforms.

target right audience

Analyze Data & Increase ROI

Once we implement social media marketing campaigns, we keep the data under observation for more informed business decisions. We keep on checking Analytics and Insights reports to track the campaign's performance, keep you updated, and give you the best on your investment.

analyze data increase roi

How We Deliver The Results?

What makes us the best Social Media Marketing agency in Kolkata? Glad you asked.

Social Media Page Optimization

Social Media Page Optimization

Complete Research

Complete Research

Content Strategy & Brainstorming<

Content Strategy & Brainstorming

Content Creation

Content Creation

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Revise & Rework

Revise & Rework

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Social Media Pricing

Competitive Social Media Pricing

Don't worry about costs; we offer competitive pricing for our social media marketing services at RT network Solutions. You won't find any other agency providing you with as many services as we are at the same price. We do not want you to slip out on opportunities just because of the cost. Connect with our executives for more details.

Social Media Marketing is our area of Expertise

Social Media Marketing is our area of Expertise

RT Network Solutions has successfully managed various social media marketing campaigns for India's popular brands with the help of our dedicated team. We would be happy to do the same for your brand and help you achieve your business goals online.

Get Your Free Marketing Audit

Uncover your goals

Receive a strategic growth plan

Access our advanced research team

No cost, no-obligation

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FAQ's on Social Media Marketing Services

To help you make the most informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

Ans: Social Media Marketing is a reliable way of Internet marketing for businesses of any size to reach the targeted customers. It involves creating and sharing engaging content on social media to achieve marketing goals. It includes various activities like posting content aligned with the latest trends in the form of text, image, video and more on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more) to drive the target audience.

Ans: Social Media Marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your brand and business faster than time-consuming and more expensive traditional marketing. Social Media marketing can target a vast number of customers and drive them to your website. It is a measurable way to find how many times your ads have been clicked and their impressions. It also gives you various insights about the engagement to better plan the upcoming campaign for increasing sales or spreading brand awareness.

Ans: We have been managing Social Media Marketing campaigns for a few of India's biggest brands and successfully delivering them extraordinary results, making RT Network Solutions the best social media marketing agency in Kolkata. There are many ways of implementing social media campaigns on various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more). First, we do proper research about your business, values, products/services, target customers, and competitors to understand the scenario better. Then we choose the social media platform on which the chances of getting quality leads for your business will be more. Then we develop social media marketing strategies to fulfil your goal, spread brand awareness, generate leads, and build a healthy relationship between your brand and the prospects. After implementation, we keep on checking the analytics report to see the posts engagement and impressions. After which, we optimize the campaigns further to give better results and give you the best ROI. There are various modes of paid social media advertisement which are bosted organic posts to reach more prospects.

Ans: RT Network Solutions is an experienced Social Media Marketing Company; we have delivered successful social media marketing campaigns for a few of India's biggest brands. Our social media experts invest a lot of time developing strategies that align with business goals and objectives. We are incredibly proud of our social media marketing experts in Kolkata who strive for excellence. We have managed social media campaigns for various struggling businesses, increased brand awareness, gathered quality leads which furthered helped in conversion and promote products and customer loyalty. In addition, the engaging content created by our skilled team helps to capture customer attention,making us the most preferred social media marketing agency in Kolkata.

Ans: Our skilled social media marketing experts are experienced in working across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Connect with our social media executives to know more; we'll be glad to hear from you.

Ans: RT Network Solutions is a cost-effective social media marketing agency in Kolkata; the cost of the services will depend upon many factors, for example, your industry, your business, your competitions, how quickly you want to grow your business online and more. Our services are tailored according to your need. Connect with our social media marketing executives to discuss what suits your business the best; we'll be glad to hear from you.